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    PSOC 4200M RTC along with low power example not working


      Hi, I bought a CY8CKIT-043 and I'm trying to run the example project "RTC_P4_WDT_Example01" that showcases RTC usage along with low power operation (deep sleep).


      The problem is I get the time to display once and then nothing happens anymore. I looked in the documentation and I just seem to find that maybe the crystal required (32.768KHz) is not included in the SoC, is that the case? 




      I tried finding where the code stops by using some breakpoints and it seems that it can't get passed the "EnableRtcOperation" function completely. I uploaded the main code that can be found in example projects for PSOC 4 but I could not upload the .c file so the formatting may be a little weird sorry for that. 




      Else, would anyone have an idea of what could cause the problem?




      Thanks in advance!