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    USB type C to type C converter



      We are going to make HUB of USB type C for bidirectional; Data as well as power transfer supported by USB power delivery.


      We are currently developing USB type C to USB 3.0 Device, And USB type C to type C converter.


      Case 1. USB type C to USB 3.0 Type A In this we are trying to interface USB 3.0 A to USB type C and vice-versa. We are in search of controller that handle Power delivery as well as Data transfer. Please suggest the chips that handle power delivery as well as Configuration pin lines


      Case.2 USB type C to Type C In this we are also want to know that any chip is needed for power delivery as well as data lines. Please suggest the possible solution for the both cases. We are more concern on the chips which are used for power delivery control and Configuration pins (CC1, CC2) control for DRP mode.


      Please suggest possible solution for this application.


      Please find the attached file for more detail.


      Thanks & Regards,


      Sunil Darji