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    How to use the UART_ReadTxStatus() function



       For my project I am using the UDB UART block. While going through the datasheet of the UART block, I came across the API UART_ReadTxStatus() which is used to read the status register for the TX of UART. I needed to write a function that "waits for the transmission of outgoing serial data to complete" similar to the Serial.flush() function of the Arduino.


      I would like to obtain some more clarity about the UART_ReadTxStatus() function and its return parameters. From the datasheet, what I could gather was that the function returned the values UART_TX_STS_COMPLETE, UART_TX_STS_FIFO_EMPTY, UART_TX_STS_FIFO_FULL, UART_TX_STS_FIFO_NOT_FULL respectively depending on the contents of the transmit buffer.


      So does this mean that the function returns the values 01hex, 02hex, 03hex and 04hex respectively depending on the above mentioned parameters?