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    BLE HID Keyboard Demo ADC




      i am working with the Cypress BLE Pioneer Kit. I replaced the original Eval-board with the the CYBLE-022001-EVAL.


      The bluetooth HID keyboard example is working. It connects and the simulated battery level ist displayed. When i am now trying to measure real battery levels, i ran into problems.


      I connect an power supply to the Port 3.7 and apply 0-1.024V. The reference voltage is selected as internal 1.024V. If i go down to 30% of the voltage the Low power LED goes on. But the battery level which is displayed goes up to 100%.  If i apply 1.024V to the pin the low power LED is off but the battery level is shown as 100%.


      It seems to me, that the battery level via BLE is inverted. Where is a good starting point to search for this error in the original example ?




      best regards