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    Unable to debug / program

      I have been working on custom designed board with CYBLE-014008-00 of BLE-4200 family. I was able to configure on board relays and LED. I started with Bluetooth and was able to run BLE findme profile. After installing CySmart application in iPhone device I was able to use FindMe profile along with immediate alert service. This is all done in past few days.


      Today I tried to program the board with little changes in code but I was unable to do so in many attempts. When going for program / debug during target selection it is not showing my device since morning. 


      Key-points : 

      1. Board works on 12 V and Power adapter is supplying 12V
      3. I am using SWD method for programming abd On SWD 5 pin connector I am able to see 3.3 V supply.
      5. Miniprog3 can be seen in device manager. Also MiniProg3 status LED is green.
      7. In PSoC Creator device selector I am selecting my device properly.
      9. As I was unable to program the board, I uninstalled PSoC Creator & programmer and then installed again, but issue persists.
      11. As mentioned above I was able to program device with BLE code, My device still pairs with iphone application and I can recieve alerts too due to code flashed yesterday evening. PSoC board is running code that was programmed yesterday, but I am unable to program it . 

      Please suggest a way forward. Can't share schematic and have only one board.


      If you have any ideas or things that I should try, please suggest.