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    ADC issue

      Hi all,


      I have the following issue. I have tried to create a project that will read analog sensors inputs convert them to digital and send them over serial communication. I have based my project on the existing ADC and UART examples. The project is using PSoC4 Pioneer kit (CY8CKIT-042). The problem is that something is not working quite right with the ADC part - I have no readings on the UART. The UART part by itself works fine. I have been busting my head for over a week on it, and still no luck. I am including a bundle of the project. Any help will be greatly appreciable. 



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          Did you try checking "Limit Detect" in ADC "Channels" tab. That will fire the interrupt you defined.





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            I tried your program and it is sending data the only problem is that it is not in ASCII so it is displayed as unprintable information.  Do you want to display ASCII data. If so you need to convert it with a sprintf function so you can read it.  If not then it works as is. Also if you are using the Psoc CY8CKIT-042 Pioneer kit you have to add jumper wires to get the serial data out of the on board kitprog.

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              Thank you all for the comments. Bob, it does work once I check the limit interrupt box in the settings. I had to get a proper serial utility program to check that, as Hyper terminal is no longer available as a standard utility in Win 7, so it took me a couple of days to try few until I got the right one. It was sending the array over the UART, but the actual data was missing - I was sending <FFFF><NULL><NULL> Activating interrupts on limits actually does the magic.


              Thank you all again for your help!



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                You are always welcome!


                As a hint: PuTTY as terminal emulator is widely used and I can recommend it for connecting USB-COM port to PSoCs. Only pitfall (for every terminal emulator) is to send non-ascii characters.