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    Solar-Power IoT Device kit - temperature conversion from I2C to Beacon protocol

      I want to import temperature values on Matlab, from the USB bridge.


      To do so, I read the serial communication from the USB bridge to my computer:

      According to the Beacon protocol, the temperature is coded on a 8 bits-word, which is here 71, 71, then 72.


      To understand how the temperature is coded, I looked into the Si7020_A10 datasheet (the humidity and temperature) sensor. This sensor uses a I2C protocol where the temperature is coded on a 16 bits-word, according to the following formula:
      Temperature(°C) = 175.72*Temp_Code/65535 - 46.85.


      Yet, I lack the temperature conversion from 16 bits-word to 8 bits word; and I couldn't find it in the I2C interface of the Motherboard.


      Does anyone can help me please?