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    Filtering scanned data


      This might be more of a C programming question, but, in my app, when a device is scanned, there are several bytes in the CYBLE_GAPC_ADV_REPORT_T advReport->data (The advertisement packet) that need to be picked out in order to be directed to the next step.  I know the simple way of just looking at each byte in the array, but I want put it all in a struct, and just the necessary bytes.  For example, if a device includes the Service UUID (32-bit) + Service Data, which bytes are in advReport->data[16]-[22]: how can I put those in


      struct scannedData {


          uint32 serviceID;


          uint8* serviceData;



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          You can extract the values inside the event CYBLE_EVT_GAPC_SCAN_PROGRESS_RESULT. 


          For e.g., 


                      advReport=*(CYBLE_GAPC_ADV_REPORT_T *)eventParam;


          In your application, you can probably use a memcpy function - memcpy(&newScan.serviceID, &advReport.data[16], sizeof(uint32));       

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            So, using the memcpy function, using "&advReport.data[16], sizeof(uint32)" as one end of the comparison will pull the (4) 8-byte values from advReport.data?