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    FX3 SDK: A working Interrupt example

      HI there,


      I'm in the process of testing all endpoint types of FX3.


      For INT EP there's seem to be no working example.


      UsbUart - does not load. after burning The USB control center does not show any firmware in the device list (not even the bootloader).


      UsbDebug - FX3 sends a packet of invalid size (announces 124 bytes to be sent and 256 sent instead, or the other way around)


      MouseDemo - Is not a super speed example. To make it SS, I have changed the connect function's 2nd parameter to true, but now the firmware does not load. Do I need to add the companion descriptors? Any other changes needed?


      What am I missing? What do I need to do to have a working INT example with FX3?