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    Soft AP and iOS 7


      I am having problems using Soft AP for WiFi configuration with iOS7. The iDevice gets a valid IP address in the 192.168.0 network but pages are not loaded. They seem to stop half way through. I have been using the same (WICED SDK 2.4) code with iOS 6 without problems. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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          Can you provide a sniffer trace of this occurring?

          We haven't seen any problems as you've described using iOS7

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            Compared to iOS6 it seems a little flaky. For instance I don't see any bars on my iPhone 5S showing a proper WiFi connection to the WICED Soft AP, while the iPhone is actually connected to the WICED Soft AP iand working (but only accessible using the address ND not DNS redirection or the captive portal).


            How can I disable TLS in the Soft AP?


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              definining literal WICED_DISABLE_CONFIG_TLS

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                I think I have got some interesting information. It appears that iOS7 is checking an Internet connection using additional domains than the ones intercepted in the SDK DNS redirector:











                This is coming from SO posts and nothing official has emerged from Apple.


                What makes things scary is that sometimes it uses www.apple.com and everything is fine with the captive portal in the SDK but I think that the problems I reported with iOS7 are real and happening when iOS 7 decides to use a different domain name.


                I have resorted on not relying on the redirector to avoid the typical cat-chasing-mouse, our high-tech giants seem to love so much these days.

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                  I have seen sniffer traces from other reports where an iPhone associates successfully with a WICED softAP but refuses to send TCP traffic for over 40 seconds while it endlessly attempts to send UDP packets to a selection of URLs including some you've mentioned in your post. We haven't found the cause of this behaviour however this has not been observed in Android phones.