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    Can I  get  I/Q signal from this BLE module?

      Hello there.


      I am now searching the RF IC which outputs I/Q signal to get phase data for calculation.
      It would be common for this purpose to use I/Q demodulator and microcontroller,
      but these are too expensive to use for mass production.


      I am searching widely used IC which outputs I/Q signal and inexpensive.
      I know a few IC which outputs I/Q signal, but I can't find it because there is no description about it in datasheet.
      Moreover, it also needs microcontroller.


      So, PSoC is the best if RF part of it outputs I/Q signal by reason of  single chip configuration.
      Though I can't find setting to output I/Q signal from this BLE module used in PSoC Creator.


      Are there any PSoC and RF module which I can get I/Q signal and calculate phase value ?