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    Increasing the number of 'bytes to transfer' in the control center application


      Hello everyone,


      1) I wanted to know if we can change the number of "bytes to transfer" in the USB Control Center when programming a stream IN from an FPGA to my super speed explorer kit. The purpose of this question is wanting to have a transfer of exactly a certain number of bytes from the FPGA to the FX3. It happens that I want a big numbers of bytes ( exactly 12 Mega Bytes ) but the documentation specifies that I can't have more that 16 384 Bytes per transfer.


      2) I don't understand how come the number of bytes is very little ( knowing that I test the same transfer with a PCI bus and can have up to 12 Mega bytes per transfer. It is not instantaneous so I guess they do a continuous transfer until having the wanted bytes : so I want to do the same with usb 3.0.


      I want to create my own application where I can change the number of "bytes to transfer" each time without restarting the board every time and can have up to 12 Mega Bytes.


      Which software is used to develop the application USB Control center and the Streamer ?? How can I increase the number of the transferred bytes : can I just do a simple loop when calling the API that does the transfer ? could you please suggest some ideas ?