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    using psoc provided footprints


      Hi all,




      I am not sure where to put this so I am putting it here since I frequent this section of the community forums.  


      Either I am going put the psoc 5lp on my pcb board myself, or I am planning to use the 'CY8CKIT-010 PSoC® CY8C58LP Family Processor Module Kit'.  My question is


      If I use the "CY8CKIT-010 PSoC® CY8C58LP Family Processor Module Kit" can I use the gerber/schematic/pcb files provided by cypress and send them away to a fab facility myself or do I have to buy individual kits directly from cypress (ie.  can I use their provided files to make my own without copyright infringment? or is my only route to buy them through cypress). 




      I am new to legal/copyright stuff so please be nice if this is obvious :)