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    Dynamic reconfiguring the UMs in PSoC 1

      Hello All,




             I was working on PSoC, where I have included a CapSense & EzI2C User Modules in my project. But for my task I need a extra Comparator UM.


      As PSoC1 CY8C20x34 has only one & that is being used alongside CapSense UM.


             So I thought of using Dynamic Re-Configuration feature of the PSoC, but don't know how to do that.


      Can anyone help me with this.


           Application Intended :- Low Voltage detection (i.e. POWER FAIL) with the help of Comparator UM & generating INTerrupt to save the stats to the EEPROM.


      Awaits for the guidelines, examples will be of great help.


      Thanks in advance.