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    WICED manufacturing test application

      Hello everyone,


      I would like to ask how I can build and download the Manufacturing Test application (mfg_test) on BCM943362WCD4?


      I was following the instructions in the Quick Start Guide but on the Build and Download a Sample Application section the Make Target window does not display the ping application. How can I add the ping application or the mfg_test application to the Make Target window and download and run them from the BCM943362WCD4 kit? I am using Wiced SDK 2.4.0 IDE.

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          In the Make Target Window there should be an icon of green concentric circles with a yellow plus in the top right corner. Click that to create a new make target.

          For the target name put "test.mfg_test-BCM943362WCD4 download run".

          The rest of the options should be left as default.


          Double click on your new make target and it should build and download the manufacturing test application