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    Error: cdf.M0005: CyDsFit aborted due to errors, please address all errors and rerun CyDsFit. (App=cydsfit)

      I had run into problems due to reentrancy and in an attempt to fix them, created a problem that resulted in the error shown in the subject line of this post.


      I was following the directions (shown in http://www.cypress.com/file/112836/download:


      "To create a *.cyre file for a project the following steps are required:


      1. Right click on a project in the Workplace Explorer and select Add >New Item


      2. Select the Keil Reentrancy File to open the file in the editor, as shown in Figure 3.56.


      3. This opens a blank page in the code editor with the filetype .cyre. Enter the name of each function to be treated as reentrant, e.g., ADC_Start, PWM_Start, etc., as a single function name per line."


      Using the information presented in AN54460, section "Determining Re-entrant Functions" I created Synth_oscillator.cyre:








      I then performed a Clean and Rebuild process and ended up with the "Error: cdf.M0005:..." error.


      1. What did I do?


      2. What do I need to do to correct this?