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    How to increase the RTOS HEAP AREA

              Hi, I'd like to know how to increase the RTOS HEAP SIZE on CYUSB3014. The FX3.ld saids (Update cyfxtx.c to change this.) If I want to double the RTOS HEAP SIZE do I only need to modify this parameter? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Original #define CY_U3P_MEM_HEAP_SIZE (0x8000) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Modified #define CY_U3P_MEM_HEAP_SIZE (0x10000) Thanks   
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          in principle, this is correct.


          But if you increase the CY_U3P_MEM_HEAP_SIZE the CY_U3P_BUFFER_HEAP_SIZE will be reduced since this is defined as CY_U3P_SYS_MEM_TOP - (CY_U3P_MEM_HEAP_BASE + CY_U3P_MEM_HEAP_SIZE) (see macros in cyfxtx.c).


          CY_U3P_BUFFER_HEAP_SIZE contains all the DMA-buffers you are creating in your firmware so if it becomes too small you maybe won't be able to create all your DMA-buffers anymore. Hence, if you need more MEM_HEAP or BUFFER_HEAP you can also decrease the LENGTH (and ORIGIN) of the DATA and/or SYS_MEM-memory in the linker-script file.