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    ble pairing fail using secure connection



      My development tool can connect to CY5677 usb dongle, but it can't work correctly when I pressed "pair" button to enter pairing flow(LE Secure Connections and Justwork authentication).


      At first, CY5677 would send pairing request, then I send "pairing response" and followed by "pairing confirm(slave)". But CY5677 seems not to receive "pairing response" because CY5677 don't send "pairing random" and CySmsart pop up "AUTH_ERROR_AUTHENTICATION_TIMEOUT" a few seconds later.


      I found it strange that after we sent "pairing response", my ble sniffer showed "crc error packets" from CY5677 at the next connection event. 


      However, I tried to set "SC bit(secure connection)" to 0 to request LE legacy pairing, it works fine! 


      I don't know why happened with CY5677 and how to pair with LE Secure Connections properly.