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    snip.p2p not working

      I have posted this issue on the Broadcom CSP site a while ago but haven't got it resolved. I  want to see if any of you have tried it and how it goes for you.


      I tested snip.p2p with Wiced-SDk-2.4.0 with my smart phone(Andriod) and a Nexus Pad, but the application failed  in mid of WPS procedure.

      my phone - Android version 4.1.2.

      Nexus pad- Android version 4.3


      And the console output:


      Platform SN8200x initialised

      Started ThreadX v5.5

      Initialising NetX v5.6

      Creating Packet pools

      Starting Wiced v2.4.0

      WWD SDIO interface initialised

      WLAN MAC Address : 00:0B:6C:41:6E:C1

      STA MAC: 02:0B:6C:41:6E:C1

      P2P discovery enabled. Advertised as 'WICED-P2P'

      Found P2P device: Android_85e9

      P2P negotiation complete...

      Starting WPS Enrollee

      Joining 'DIRECT-Vu-Android_85e9'

      Sending Identity

      Sending Identity

      Sending nonce

      Sending hashes

      WPS Procedure failed. Restarting with 113 seconds left

      Joining 'DIRECT-Vu-Android_85e9'

      Looking for WPS AP

      WPS timed out

      WPS complete