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    EagleSoC Development Boards based on PSoC 5LP

      Hello Cypress Community. Several years ago Cypress University Alliance (CUA) program visited our Cal State LA campus to present a workshop on PSoC 5 embedded systems.  The CUA also offered their support to our Electrical Engineering Department by providing several Cypress PSoC 5 Development kits for research and education purposes.  What we really liked about the PSoC is that it has a very useful PSoC Creator IDE with drag-and-drop capabilities and its own debugger. However, we observed that it was initially time-consuming for many students to implement code for a variety of sensors, since PSoC Creator does not provide the extensive sensor library similar to Arduino. This gave us an idea to implement our own sensor library, called EZ-PSoC 5 Library. It uses a layered structure and allows users to easily incorporate sensors components to their PSoC projects. Users can fully focus on their system specs instead of spending additional time for writing sensor interface code from scratch. The other issue we personally encountered is the size of the fully-functional Cypress PSoC 5LP boards (CY8CKIT-001). The alternative board that Cypress provides (CY8CKIT-059) had several limitations: only supports 5V from USB and does not handle high-current sensors. It also lacks external oscillator and has no LCD connector. The combination of these issues inspired us to create our own version – the EagleSoC Development board, a fully-functional board with a reduced physical size. We also designed an EagleSoC Mini-board, which preserves most of the functionality of the EagleSoC development board, while making it more affordable for students and hobbyists. We also created an EagleSoC Programmer, which is a low-cost alternative solution for programming and debugging PSoC 5LP boards. 


      We plan to start a KickStarter campaign and wanted to hear your feedback. For more detailed information you can visit our EZ-PSoC website at http://www.ezpsoc.com


      Thanks for reading!