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    Multiple devices CyApi.lib



      I'm writing an application that should be capable of managing multiple USB FX3 devices. I was about to start using the CyApi.lib (C++) when I realized that the documentation doesn't include any details when it comes to support several USB devices. Anyway, I figured that for each device, I should create a CCyUSBDevice object and then call Open (and keep it open) based on its serial number. However, I found this reference in the forum (http://www.cypress.com/forum/usb-high-speed-peripherals/multiple-usb-devices-application) that states that "[..]You can definitly not communicate with two devices at the same time using CyAPI.lib[..]You can achieve it in CyUSB.NET".


      My question is, in order to support multiple USB devices, do i really need to use CyUSB.dll (C#) or can I use CyApi.lib (C++)?