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    Serial Input on PSoC 4 BLE Module




         I have a BlueTooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit and am attempting to use the Serial device on the PSoC BLE module. I have a PC attached via an Adafruit USB<->Serial card (3.3v) that uses the Arduino serial pins (P1_5 and P1_4) on the Mother board for I/O.  I am using the Example UART_Rx04[CY8C4247LQI-BL484] project with the UART [v2.50] module.  The only change I made was to move the RX pin from P0_1 in the original project to P1_4.  I realize the project uses the LCD display but I am just testing the UART_1_GetChar() call and it never seems to sense a character.  I can see the LED flash on the Adafruit card when I send a character but I only get 0 from the call.  


        I went to the example as my real project using the UART (SCB Model) [3.10] input did not work either.  The serial output does work and I get data from the board using the Arduino pins.


        Any suggestions ?




      Thank you for the help


      --jim schimpf