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    SPI - power in deep sleep

      Hi there


      I am currently trying to optimize the power consumption of my PRoC module mounted on the Pioneer board.


      Regarding this I stumbled upon this thread: http://www.cypress.com/forum/psoc-4-ble/psoc-4-ble-spi-current-measurement


      I checked the linked application notes with no result.


      With my current understanding this code fragment should put the SPI component in the lowest possible power mode, but it is still drawing around 170uA.

      int main() {          SPI1_Init();     CyDelay(100);     SPI1_Sleep();     CySysClkEcoStop();         CySysPmDeepSleep();     while(1);  ....  }

      The only way I was able to lower the current is by calling <pin_name>_setDriveMode() for the MISO, MOSI and SCLK pins and setting them to analog high impedance, but that seems not like a proper way to do it.