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    Microvolt measurement using Psoc 4.


      I would like to know if its possible to measure microvolt's with PSOC 4.
      Are there any already programmed examples for the same ? I appreciate any assistance in this regard.


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          Welcome in the forum, Nikhil.


          Might be that you need an external amplifier. What is the µV range and the needed accuracy and required speed. The PSoC4 has got an ADC with 12 bit resolution. This will not be enough to measure µV directly.





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            Hello Bob,

            Thank you for your response. I am still not sure about the voltage range, accuracy or speed as my device is still being developed.

            I am working on a project where my designed device might produce some voltage variations, probably in micro-nano volts. I have a handheld device capable of reading voltages in the the nano-micro volt range, but since I have already worked on PSOC, I just felt that it would be an add on to have a voltage detector setup using PSOC but I wasn't quite sure if PSOC 4 has the potential to make such small measurements even with the use of an amplifier with a considerable speed and accuracy.

            I would post my exact requirements in  a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, do you have any suggestions or an already setup example project for the same. This is a voluntary work from my side and I do not have a lot of time to invest. I appreciate any help in this regard. Have a nice day.


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              You will need signal conditioning to amplify your input into the range of 0V to 1V to get a reasonable accuracy and resolution. When you further need signal processing as filtering I would suggest you to use a PSoC5 (Here is a cheap prototyping kit).