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    The PCB files


          I got the kit from Avnet`s online Market. And  could anyone please tell me how could i get the pcb files.

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          Which PCB files?  BCM20732S Module Evaluation Board?


          The BCM920732 Eval Kit uses the SOC as opposed to the module.SOC related PCB files would require an NDA, Module PCB files could be sent to you directly (click license on the site covers), but not posted here.

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              It is appreciated that show me the hyperlink about the NDA.


              Thank you very much again

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              Hi Macro,


              You can contact your local distributor (Edom?) and they should be able to set you up with the appropriate NDA that you can then present to your legal team for review.  Once completed, you will be provided a Docsafe account (Broadcom Extranet) that will allow you to access all the chip level documentation.