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    SPI communication between PSOC5 and ADC AD7195

      hello dear CYPRESS community,




      I need to communicate (SPI) between PSOC5 (Master)  and the ADC AD7195.


      I have to configure  the ADC and take measurements.


      Is there someone who can help me and verify my code? 


      I search code example for this type of ADC.


      ADC Sync pin not connected, MISO connect to Dout/ready, MOSI connect to DIN, sclk connect to sclk, ss not connected.


      CS connect to P1_5  port of PSOC5 ( ADC_CS)


      PSOC5: 5V  & VDDIO=DVDD ;   ADC : 5V USB    AGND = PSCOC5 GND   


      my 'C' code:


      when I ask for ADC ID , I receive x00 instead of xA6


      when I ask for ADC Status Register, I receive x00 instead of x80.


      when I ask for ADC configuration Register, I receive x0000A6 instead of x000117. 


      when I ask for ADC mode Register, I receive x000000 instead of x080060. 




      Best Regards