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    CYUSBS232 Android Studio CY7c65213



      My name is sebastian from Argentina


      I'm working with CyUsbS232 (Cy7C65123)


      I have already tested the kit on Windows, it works ok.


      I have also installed the library (.so) and apk on android; and detect the device


      whit PID=04B4 and VID=0003


      it works ok.


      but the sample application has not implemented the use of the UART.


      so I got ready to start the project.


      but I have tried and tried, and have failed to achieve


      my development environment is Windows with Android Studio 2.0


      I imported the sample project with the NDK installed; and I could not compile.


      I do not need to compile the library, only I intend to use it for UART comunication.


      can someone help me?