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    tcp_server_async bug fixed.

      Hi All


      i found the TCP stack of NetX_duo has a bug based on SDK 2.4.0.


      The demo App is snip.tcp_server_async


      The wiced modules was running as server, and other device connect to server will be successfully for the first time.


      If the client disconnected from server, the callback function "client_disconnected_callback" will be called, the server will start to listen on socket again to wait for the next connection from client, unfortunately the listen action will return error which will cause the client can't connect to server again after the 1st disconnection from server.


      So we should call wiced_tcp_delete(tcp_socket) first, then redo the wiced_tcp_create_socket, wiced_tcp_register_callbacks, and wiced_tcp_listen on new created socket again.  The server can be connected and disconnected successfully every time by client.


      i am not sure if the netx_duo stack has bug!



      Hope you enjoy it.