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    CyU3PDmaChannelCreate returns 64 (CY_U3P_ERROR_BAD_ARGUMENT)

      Hello ,


      In my project the FPGA should send data to the FX3 through all for threads in GPIF-II module.


      In order to configure this, I have been adding DMA channels one by one.


      I attached the code.


      As you can see I am creating two DMA channels.


      One channel takes data from CY_U3P_PIB_SOCKET_0 (thread 0) and puts data to 0x82 endpoint (CY_U3P_UIB_SOCKET_CONS_2).


      Next channel takes data from CY_U3P_PIB_SOCKET_1(thread 1) and puts data to 0x83 endpoint (CY_U3P_UIB_SOCKET_CONS_3).


      The issue is whatever the channel that I create second fails with the return code 64(CY_U3P_ERROR_BAD_ARGUMENT).


      I would like to know what is the invalid argument in above setting.


      Thank you.