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    FMC slot voltage levels on AN65974 when interface FX3 to Xilinx FPGA.



      I am trying to connect the CYUSB4KIT-003 and CYUSB3ACC-005 to my Xilinx ZC702 board (J3 FMC1). 


      When looking at the AN65974, which interfaces to Xilinx SP601 board. Both Xilinx boards use 2.5V on the FMC connector. 


      On closer look at the voltage levels, I realize the Cypress chip IO operates at 3.3V when J2 is short. Will that hurt the FPGA boards? 




      I anticipate the CYUSB4KIT-003 is able to work on the ZC702, but I would need to be cautious. 




      Thank you.