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    How to properly setup PSoC4BLE as network processor



      i am using a PSoC4 BLE as a transceiver for my project. I have a application processor which handles a couple of sensors and does the processing of data. It then sends the data as a framed message to the PSoC4. The PSoC's job should be to receive the message frames, read the header (to see if its a command or a result message) and then update the appropriate Characteristics in its BLE server. A connected smartphone then gets the data via BLE. So the PSoC4 BLE is my modem, it should just relay the messages from the application processor to the BLE connection.


      I want to let it sleep as often as possible for power saving. What general approach should i take? UART interrupts (on general receive or can i use signal frame detection?)/ DMA or which technique is best for my use case? Can you point me to any community project that implements this functionality? I want to implement as effectively as possible...


      Thanks for your advise,