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    Enable client to set server device Custom Characterstic valid range

      I need an advice on how to give client device (mobile phone) possibility to set the temperature range on the server device (CY8CKIT-042-BLE)


      So, I'm having my server device measuring temperature on every 10 sec and reporting changes to client via notifications. What I want is to raise an alarm in case of temperature exceeding temperature range... But I want that client can change that range based on his needs... 


      If I have Custom Service "Device Sensing" and among others "Room Temperature" as its Custom Characteristic, what would be the best approach to add writable "Room Temperature Range" feature? Should it be another Custom Characteristic within the "Device Sensing" Service, or something else?


      I see there is a an "Valid Range" option for Custom Descriptor which can be added to "Room Temperature" Custom Characteristic. But when I add it, and when I want to write something to it via CySmart App, my device freezes...


      Is this good approach, or there is a smarter one?