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    BLE_UART in deepsleep mode with lowest connection interval



      I am new to PRoC BLE, so confusion abt Deepsleep mode and connection interval parameter. I am referring following project http://www.cypress.com/blog/100-projects-100-days/project-020-uart-ble-bridge


      I am keeping connection interval min 7.5ms, max 10ms, latency 0 and connection timeout 4sec in this project, to do the fastest data transfer. I have measured current consumption is abt 5mAmp, either it transfers data or not. I am trying that system stay in deep sleep mode, when there are no data. But due to the lowest connection interval, system is waking up at every (7.5+10)/2 ms. So is there any possibility to avoid connection event? I can not use latency parameter, because if data is available then I want to transfer it immediately.


      Any suggestions are appreciated.