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    WDT interrupt is not interruptible (?)


      Hi all,


      I have been developing an application based on PSoC4 BLE (CY8C4248) in which the WDT1 interrupt is used to wake up the processor every 976us (let's say 1ms).
      I have used the CySysWdtSetInterruptCallback function to register my ISR.
      All is good so far.


      I would like to service a higher priority interrupt while the processor executes code inside the WDT1 ISR but the registered ISR is not interruptible even if I define the priority of my higher priority interrupt at level 0. Also, the WDT interrupt is not visible in the interrupts tab of the design wide resources in the PSoC Creator.


      Can I change the interrupt priority of the WDT ISR?


      Thank you in advance,



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          Hello Yiannis,


          It is possible to change the watchdog timer interrupt priority in .cydwr window. Can you please attach the project here. I have attached the snap shot of the PSoC Creator here. Kindly drag and drop the global signal resource component and configure it as watchdog interrupt and connect ISR component at the interrupt pin. You could observe the ISR component priority changing option in .cydwr window.


          Please let me know if this answers your query.




          Ramesh B

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            Hello Ramesh,


            Thank you very much for your answer. It did work.
            The problem (minor issue) now is that there is something that interrupts the WDT isr (not this isr that I intend to interrupt it), probably something from BLE operation, and it is not executed exactly at the desired interval.
            But I 'll let it as it is now.