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    Problem in running the tcp_client on WICED SDK 2.4.0


      I have refer to SDK 2.3.1 example - tcp_client develop simple program, the behavior just like echo service.

      WICED client send data to network server, server response acknowledge and other information to WICED device.

      After work finish, close socket and restart new socket connetion.

      My build target string is : snip.tcp_client-BCM943362WCD4-FreeRTOS-LwIP-debug download run

      It work normal on SDK 2.3.1 but failed on SDK 2.4.0.

      SDK 2.4.1 only first request success and others failed.

      I compare the function - wiced_tcp_disconnect() between 2.3.1 and 2.4.0.

      SDK 2.4.0 use netconn_close()  close socket, SDK 2.3.1 use netconn_delete().

      SDK 2.4.0 :

              if ( netconn_close( socket->conn_handler ) != ERR_OK )


                  return WICED_ERROR;


      SDK 2.3.1 :

              netconn_delete( socket->conn_handler );

              socket->conn_handler = NULL;

              socket->is_bound = WICED_FALSE;


      In debug mode, netconn_close() look success, but next connection request by calling wiced_tcp_connect() always failed.

      Could anybody discuss what happened  in wiced_tcp_disconnect() and wiced_tcp_connect().


      Thank you.