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    Curent Measurement problem in BLE Pioneer Kit



           I am using the PSoC 4 BLE module on the kit mother board, I have placed a 10 Ω resistor across J15 and observing it by connecting both a scope and a DVM across it.  (Note: The DVM is reading mV and I just divide by 10 to get mA.) When I run the board powering it from USB, I get a reasonable steady state current on the DVM and can see the spikes when BlueTooth transmits on the scope. This is with PSoC Creator 3.3 running and connected to the target processor.  As soon as I start to download code into the board the current reverses (That is Vdd BLE > Vdd  on J15).  The current value is now a small fraction of what it read previously.  It stays in this state even if I hit RESET on the mother board. 


           The only way I can get it back to normal current is to pull the USB and plug it back in again.  Then current returns to the original value.


      Am I doing something wrong or is this just the way it works ?


      Thanks very much for the help.




      --jim schimpf