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    Why i am not able to see my Filter output?

      Hello Every One,


      I am again having a problem and i don't know why :(


      The Program is very simple:


      I build a program for a Bridge. What i am doing is described below:


      1. I am using a waveDAC in order to excite my bridge.


      2. output of the bridge is comming into a 12-Bit SAR ADC.


      3. output of the ADC if going to the LPF.


      4. LPF output is being written into DAC.


      Problem: The problem is that my final output is not correct. I am feeding a 10 Khz signal and my cuttoff frequency is 15Khz. But i am not getting a sine signal as i supposed to get.


      I also attached and output pic and my program file.


      Yellow wave: Excitation Signal.


      Purple or Pink Wave: Signal entering into ADC.


      Blue Wave: Filter Output seeing through DAC Ch1.


      Looking forward for your suggestions!


      Best Regards