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    vccd pin is connected to 3.3v power instead of gnd


      hello guys,


      i made a custom pcb using 


      psoc4 CY8C4245LQI-483 ,


      i manufactured 4 PCBs - i am trying to program with miniprog3 


      in 3 of my custom circuits  i get the following error :


      " Unable to acquire target device..." 


      1 of my custom circuits seems to work flawlessly i can program it , debug , control gpio .


      after double checking my schematic i saw an error , i accidently routed the  VCCD pin to 3.3v instead of  


      connecting it to gnd (image of how i connected power is attached) , 


      do you think this error is a critical design error ???  (i saw some desgins where u can connect it to 1.8v)


      do you think this might be the problem ??