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    How do you set the OOB data for OOB pairing?



      I've looked through the SDK (v1.1.0) a bit and done some file searches but I can't find how to set the OOB data. I'm trying to have the Broadcom module be used in peripheral mode, and only allow OOB pairing.


      I've seen the OOB flag in the LESMP_PAIRING_REQ_CMD structure, so I would assume that if that flag is set (by both devices), then the OOB pairing method will be used. But it requires the OOB data to also be set and I haven't been able to find that yet.


      Along with this, I'd like to then use OOB only and disallow the other pairing methods. I believe this can be done when a pairing request comes in by checking the OOB flag and if it is false, sending back an error response. I was able to test this in another BLE stack. I wanted to know if I do get a callback when there is a pairing request and what it is called.