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    PSoC 5 Architecture Newbie question

      I played with psoc5 LP, and I didn't found content that clear explain the psoc conceptual idea on a clear way.


      I make some conclusions that and don't know if they are  right or not.


      Psoc have 3 main pillars.


      1) Some kind of auto generated HDL based on graphics components, lets say this is the hardware platform like one modular analog / digital fpga that will be made by some kind of syntheses.


      2) A auto generated C base code to interact with the hardware layer based on the component creator idea and definitions.


      3) The user arm C code that will call your own routines and also the auto generated code.


      Am I right ?


      Where can I found information on this conceptual idea ?

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          Welcome to the forum!


          Your guesses are quite near the target.


          Yes, the PSoC5 has an ARM M3 CPU, some flash and some sram accompanied by the usual internals as DMA, debug interface etc.


          Yes, there is some hardware for us users: fixed function hardware as the filter block and some serial interfaces.


          Additionally there are "UDBs" (Universal Digital Blocks)  which are (not automatically) programmed using Warp Verilog as HDL.


          These UDBs are not fpgas, they contain a programmable ALU, two FIFOs a PLD area and a handful of registers, no memory.


          The PSoC5 Architecture TRM will give you a deep insight into the hardware. There are videos helping you to perform your first (and second...) steps. I Suggest you to download Cypress Creator 3.3 (latest version) and get hands on a CY8CKIT-059 Prototyping Kit.


          You may install the software before receiving the kit and have a look into the (well documented) example projects.




          Happy coding!



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            Thanks a lot.


            I already bought near all cypress kit's on psoc's and also ble and I'm on the beginning of the learning process, I feel that is a powerful platform but my old knowledge on fpga's and arm/ pic / 8051 processor are working as a barrier on psoc's, since here we have a mix of hardware defined things and software defined things , and I want to know the boundaries and how to play on this game.


            Is possible to change UDB's dynamically like partial configuration on fpga's 

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              Is possible to change UDB's dynamically like partial configuration on fpga's 


              Theoretically, yes. But as long as you aren't a PSoC Guru and knowing all the configuration registers by heart I would answer with "No". The document describing the configuration registers has more than 500 pages.





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                i am very new to embedded and in alearning stage ,recently bought psoc kits so ,please any one tell me what is the exact difference between psoc creator and designer  and a kiel c ide.

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                  PSoC Designer is for PSoC1 devices only. (8 bit CPU core)


                  PSoc Creator is for PSoC3, 4, 4BLE, 5 and will probably be used for upcoming new families.


                  Because the PSoC3 has got an 8051 CPU core a Keil compiler implementation is used in Creator (instead of gcc) to build PSoC3 projects. Imho there is no strong need for using PSoC3 compared to PSoC5 apart there is a difference in pricing.