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    PSOC 101 Video 5 - Toggle Flip Flop

      Hi All,




      Firstly, apologies if I'm posting in the wrong section...


      I'm working my way through the PSOC 101 tutorial videos and am having a bit of trouble on the "extension" task of video 6 which uses a series of toggle flip flops to cycle through led colours.


      Initially I followed the task with two flip flops as explained and had no problems, but when I tried to add a third some unusual things came up.


      Assuming it's a positive edge flip flop, in my configuration as far as I can tell the order should be: off, white, magenta, yellow, red, cyan, blue, green, off, etc...


      I don't seem to have a consistent order, and whats more it seems to be often changing colour when I release the switch as well as pressing it. I've uploaded the project, so if anyone's got a few minutes, do they mind taking a quick look?


      Thanks in advance, 






      edit - Here's the link to the video if that helps - http://www.cypress.com/training/psoc-101-video-tutorial-series-how-use-arm-cortex-m0-based-psoc-4