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    Measuring current for AN92854 Low power apps TOO MUCH Current




           I am using the BlueTooth Pioneer kit with the PSoC 4 board and using the AN92854 application note.  I am running the BLE_CapSense project and not getting anything near the current predicted.  I do  not have an aperture type DVM.  I have a 10Ω resistor across J15 and have a scope and the DVM across it.  Both reading mV.  The DVM averages the current to board and would represent the load seen by a batter.  We have capacitors in the CKT to handle the BLE transmissions but the average current with give us ~ battery life.  


           With the application running (and seen by CySmart) using 4000 ms advertisements, I see about 9.3 mV across the resistor or 0.93 ma. I can see the advertisement current spikes on the scope But the average current is the problem, it is nowhere close to the < 10 µ amp shown in the appnote.  


           Is this what I should expect for the average current in this application ? On the scope I see the advertisement for about 6.4 ms spaced at 4 second intervals.  I has a peak of about 500 mv or 50 mA.  


           The hardware we want to build with this, we hope to run from a 2032 cell (240 mAh) for 6 months for a year.  Am I totally wrong in measuring it this way ?


      Thanks for the help.


      --jim schimpf