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    Kitprog stops working after firmware update (CY8CKIT-059)

      I have a CY8CKIT and the PSoC programmer recommended a firmware update which I did.


      However, the result is that now Kitprog does not appear as a target device  in PSoC programmer (3.24.2)


      anymore, but a new drive symbol is created. However, a note  (file named STATUS) says, that using this drive as a programmer only


      works for PSoC 4.


      Since programming works with the original Kitprog firmware (on a second kit) I want to get the previous


      firmware back into Kitprog (e.g. using the bootloader tool) .


      I have modified this particular kit, so I do not want to use just another one or switch to mini-prog (yet another modification - add the programming header, snap off Kitprog).


      I did not find the cyacd file for the original kitprog firmware, only this project for the PSoC 4 Pioneer kit, which probably will not work with 


      a PSoC 5 target.



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          The firmware update works, no need to re-program an old version. Probably the windows driver needs an update. Re-boot your pc and plug-in your programmer (Kitprog). if it does not work right now, consider to unload the USB drivers. Use from nirsoft.net  USBDeview for that job.





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            The same thing has happened to my unit cy8ckit. After PSoC programmer upgraded the firmware, it is recognized as a CMSIS-DAP device in PSoC pragrammer but does not work as a programmer. It is not recognized at all in the PSoC Creator. I tried to reprogram it using the bootloader host but to no avail.

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              Recent version of KitProg has "Mass Storage Programming Mode" and it seems that KitProg is in that mode.  The mode state looks like stored in the EEPROM, so you must revert the mode to the KitProg mode.


              Following description is contained in the recent version of the "KitPorg User Guide" document.


              4.1 Enter or Exit the Mass Storage Programmer Mode

              Follow these steps to enter or exit the Mass Storage Programmer mode of KitProg:

              1. Connect the kit to the PC. Ensure that the Status LED is on and not blinking. Refer to the section on KitProg Status

              LED Indication for details on the Status LED indications.

              2. Press and hold the reset switch (SW1) of the kit for more than 5 seconds. The Status LED of the kit turns off when

              the KitProg changes configurations.

              3. Release the reset switch on the kit after Status LED has turned off. The KitProg re-enumerates in the alternate

              configuration. For example, the kit enumerates as Mass Storage Programmer if the previous configuration is

              KitProg Programmer and Debugger.

              Note: The KitProg remains in the selected mode until the user changes the mode manually using the above steps.


              You can exit from the "Mass Storage Programming Mode" by above procedure.




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                Hi Noriaki,


                That is indeed the solution. I don't know how it came into the mass storage programmer mode in the first place. But 5 sec reset solve the issue.