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    CYUSB3KIT-003 Driver Issue


      Hello Guys,


      I just bought the Super fast USB 3.0 kit and installed the EZ USB Suit. I plugged the kit and I see in the Device manager "Cypress FX3 USB StreamerExample Device" but it has the yellow exclamation mark on it. Then I found this message in the properties "The software for this device has been blocked from starting because it is known to have problems with Windows. Contact the hardware vendor for a new driver. (Code 48)". In the Events tab there is line saying "Device USB\VID_04B4&PID_00F1\5&18b5734d&0&6 could not be migrated.".


      In the relevant bin directory there is no driver for Windows 10 and I used 8. Could it be the rpoblem? Would you help me please?


      Thank you in advance.


      Kind regards,