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    Routing an External Clock to PSoC4 via GPIO with PSoC Creator





      I've found an article regarding the routing of an external clock for PSoC4. My team will be using the CY8C4247AZI-M485 in designing a custom board. We've found an article that gives a step by step process on how to add an external clock in the PSoC Creator (source link: http://www.cypress.com/knowledge-base-article/routing-external-clock-psoc-gpio-psoc-creator-kba90459 )


      Based on the article, we can add an external clock using one pin set as input in the PSoC creator. However, our schematic design team reviewed how the CY8CKIT-044(dev kit for the CY8C4247AZI-M485) routed the external clock and it uses 2 pins.


      Our team is still in the grey with proceeding with external clock routing. Hope someone could help us out.