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    Debugging with breakpoints

      Is there any way of continue running the program after reaching a breakpoint without having to disable it?


      I want to check my values in a loop and stop every time it reaches the breakpoint.


      But right now I have to:


      * disable the breakpoint


      * set a new secondary breakpoint one further in the code


      * run the code to it


      * re-enable my original breakpoint


      * disable the secondary breakpoint


      * finally, run the code to stop where I really want !


      It must be a better way of doing that!

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          Welcome in the forum!


          In short: Reaching a breakpoint stops the CPU only, the hardware keeps on running, thus generating interrupts.


          When continuing, the interrupt gets handled and returns --- to your breakpoint and execution stops.


          So disable interrupts while single-stepping parts of your code, there is an icon you may use for a single click.




          Happy coding