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    User Programmable address for S25FL164K0XMFI011




      I am using S25FL164K0XMFI011NOR Flash to interface with STM32L476RET6 MCU.


      I wanted to know the starting address for User Programmable Read and Write Operation as its not specifically mentioned in the datasheet.


      And how to perform Memory Mapping for the Flash.


      It would be very helpful if someone can just mention the appropriate address or suggest an appropriate document or link where we can find the same.


      Thanks in advance.

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          That depends on what view point you are asking about. From the perspective of the flash the starting address is 0. From the MCU's perspective the flash will start at whatever address the chip select is configured for. There is a CS# signal from the MCU that tells the flash when it is required to respond commands. The chip select is configured on the MCU and how you go about doing this should be described in the manuals for the STM32L476RET6. So you will need to know which chip select you have connected to the flash and what the specific steps for configuring that chip select on your MCU.


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          Arthur Claus

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            my  cpu:  am335x
            nor flash: S70GL02GS12FHI010

            I use Asynchronous Single-Read/Single-Write  Operation on an Address/Data Multiplexed Device.


            I confirming that 256MB CS size is working for 16-bit AD mux mode.


            S70GL-S Family Data Sheet is not  timing diagram, so i refer to S29GL01GS data manual.


            for example :Looking at  Figure 10.5 Back to Back Read (tACC) Operation Timing Diagram   in the S29GL01GS data manual.




            I don't understand the differences of "Read (tACC) Operation" and "Read Operation (tRC) ".




            Under what circumstances should I use "Read (tACC) Operation" or "Read Operation (tRC) ".






             Can i refer to  Back to Back Read (tACC) Operation Timing Diagram when i use Asynchronous Single-Read/Single-Write Operation on an Address/Data Multiplexed Device.


             please provide some link for referring or data manual?