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    BLE Scanning and Advertising Whitelist Questions


      I'm working with Scanning and Advertising to addresses in the white list.  A lot of functionality will be handled through data provided in the advertisement packet, which, before looking into using a white list, I had solely relied on for filtering unnecessary scanned devices before invoking the rest.  I have a few questions about implementing:


      1) The datasheet says there can only be up to 8 devices on the list.  In one part of the application, I want my potential max white listed devices to be 24.  Its a toggling function, so I just need to advertise just long enough for the device to get it, then it'll switch to a new data packet.  What's a good, efficient and quick, way to run through those 24 devices?


      2) Is there a way to "blacklist", or a way to advertise only to addresses that, for example, only have the same 3 CompanyID bytes in their address?




      Thanks for any direction anyone has.