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    Cannot connect Clock directly to ADC_Sar_Seq::SOC

      I want to trigger ADC sampling @1000Hz with a Clock. However, I get a (for me) strange error:




      Pin guidance unavailable: Invalid connection for clock "Clock_ADC_SAR_Seq" connected to "\ADC_SAR_Seq:cy_psoc4_sar\:trigger".


      Pin guidance could not be updated due to an error. Fix the error to get updated pin guidance. See summary for details.




      See attached image ClockToSOC.png . But if I connect it through a FreqDiv there is no error, see attached image ClockToFreqDiv.png . How do I trigger a SOC with a Clock @1000Hz?




      Also: I see that the Clock symbol has a white square graph, but on other designs I had a black square graph. And I do not know where "summary" is.




      EDIT: I saw that the Clock frequency was falsely set to "1000 kHz", but correcting it to "1 kHz" did no difference.