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    DMX512Rx User Module info


      Has anybody here used the DMX512 module with a CY8C29466?


      Can you confirm that if the 'Start_slotID + RamBuffer_Size' is > 512 the module stops working.

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          Hello Slc,


          Can you kindly let us know the code snippet which causes this?


          Thanks and regards,



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            Thanks for the reply.


            It seems to be a start_slot + buffer_size of 514 that the component fails on.


            If I reduce the start slot by 1 or the buffer size by 1 the project starts working again.


            I can reproduce this 100% reliably using the CY3210 development board.


            I may have done something dumb in the code so I have attached a small hastily written project to show what is happening.




            Edit: There is a typo in main.c in the attachment, the DMX_IN_BUFFER[] index should be 0 not 1;